If you are building a wordpress based website for an arts organization that needs to integrate with Spektrix, MaestroPress is the plugin for you.  MaestroPress is one of the only WordPress plugins to extensively integrate to the Spektrix API and save you countless development time when integrating Spektrix to your WordPress website. 

Easily set up and configure your Spektrix API using MaestroPress

Download and install the MaestroPress WordPress plugin to your WordPress website, follow the easy steps to connect and configure to the Spektrix API, and synchronize all of your Spektrix data to your WordPress website. Spend less time configuring your Spektrix API and start deploying features right away!

Easily deploy your Spektrix data and customize styling using the MaestroPress plugin

Deploy your Spektrix data to your WordPress website easily with preset shortcodes and web components, and customize styles to match your website CSS styles and brand guidelines for a seamless integration. Even add additional content blocks and buttons to match your organization’s unique needs.

Synchronize and display your Spektrix events and merchandise 

Build a custom layout for your Spektrix events listing, events detail pages, and merchandise pages using MaestroPress. Utilize shortcodes to customize your layouts and add content blocks and styling from presets, or customize further with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG. 

Style your Spektrix iFrame pages using MaestroPress

MaestroPress will allow you to inherit your website styles to the Spektrix iFrame checkout and account process, or customize further to suit your style and branding needs. Maintain a seamless approach to the iFrame checkout process by matching your website styles to the Spektrix iFrame pages.

Save Countless Development Hours

Utilizing our preset options and styles, easily integrate and deploy your Spektrix data to your WordPress website, and save countless development hours. Spend less time configuring the API, and immediately start to customize, style, and deploy Spektrix features and content to your WordPress website!

Published On: August 9th, 2021 / Categories: Developer /

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